This website sets out the arrangements for the Village Representative elections as stipulated in the Village Representative Election Ordinance. It provides general information on the arrangements for eligible electors and candidates to participate in the elections. For full details, please refer to the Village Representative Election Ordinance.

Why is there a need for 'new arrangements' in Village Representative elections?

A system of village representation has developed in the New Territories over the decades. The arrangements for electing Village Representatives have also evolved over time.

With regard to two cases connected with the election of village representatives, the Court of Final Appeal ruled in December 2000 that the Secretary for Home Affairs, in deciding whether to approve an elected Village Representative, had to consider whether the person elected to represent a village was elected in accordance with electoral arrangements consistent with the Bill of Rights and the Sex Discrimination Ordinance.

In accordance with the Court of Final Appeal's ruling and to ensure that the elections are open and fair, the Government has established a set of new arrangements for Village Representative elections following a review of the present system and extensive public consultation, in particular with the rural community and Heung Yee Kuk.