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Welcome Message from Steve TSE, JP, District Officer (Kwun Tong)

Welcome to the website of the Kwun Tong District Office.

Kwun Tong, as the first satellite town in the urban area at the early days of Hong Kong and a dominant player in helping shape the territory’s economic development ever since the heydays of the local manufacturing industry, has always been vibrant and lively. It has over the years developed into a populated community. In the face of the economic transformation of the territory, Kwun Tong turns out to be an attractive and opportunity-filled business district conducive to the long term development of Hong Kong. A marked increase in population growth upon the completion of the housing development at the Anderson Road Quarry Site alongside with other development projects in the pipeline, including Kwun Tong Town Centre Redevelopment, Kwun Tong Promenade (Stage 2), new initiatives of the Energizing Kowloon East Office, Lei Yue Mun Waterfront Enhancement Project etc., all together enable Kwun Tong to realize its full potential.

The Kwun Tong District Office is the executive arm of the government promoting district administration. We are committed to enhancing the communication between the government and the local community, and to providing assistance to and coordinating the services of government departments at the district level. In our liaison with the various sectors in the district, we reflect their views and introduce and explain government policies and services to the public. To broaden the scope for public participation and to ensure that government policies meet the needs and aspirations of the society in a timely manner, we strive to foster closer ties with the local community and to collect a broad spectrum of views and opinions through different consultative channels, such as Area Committees, the Kwun Tong District Fight Crime Committee, the Kwun Tong District Fire Safety Committee and the Kwun Tong District Youth Programme Committee, etc.

Participation and collaboration of all sectors in the district is essential to a harmonious, vibrant community, and for that purpose District Councils play a vital role. We work closely with the Kwun Tong District Council (KTDC) for promoting various community involvement programmes and district minor works and follow up with government departments on KTDC’s suggestions and proposals. Looking ahead, we are seeking to further strengthen the ties, enhance collaboration and consolidate the partnership between the government and local people from all walks of life so as to keep Kwun Tong a quality community for living and work.

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    Organisation Chart (Kwun Tong District Office)

    • Steve TSE, JP
      District Officer

    • Miss Britney CHOI
      Assistant District Officer (1)

    • Hansel WONG
      Assistant District Officer (2)

    • Miss KAM Yuen-ching
      Senior Liaison Officer (1)

    • Miss Pammy LEUNG
      Senior Liaison Officer (2)

    • Peter CHAN
      Senior Liaison Officer (3)

    • Miss Amy CHOW
      Senior Executive Officer (District Management)

    • Philip LEE
      Senior Executive Officer (District Council)

    Profile (Kwun Tong District)

    Kwun Tong is one of the largest administrative districts in Hong Kong, covering 1 130 hectares in area and a population of around 620 000, which is about 8.8% of Hong Kong's overall population. It comprises six major areas, i.e. Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong Town Centre, Shun Lee, Sau Mau Ping, Lam Tin and Yau Tong.

    Kwun Tong is a mini metropolis where industrial, business and residential developments progress with times. At the same time, old villages like Lei Yue Mun and Cha Kwo Ling maintain their long-standing cultural characteristics. As the manufacturing factories moved northwards to the Mainland, the industrial area in Kwun Tong had gradually transformed. In recent years, a number of community development projects have been launched, such as the Kwun Tong Town Centre Redevelopment, Development at Choi Wan Road and Jordan Valley, Public Housing Development at Anderson Road, Public Housing Redevelopment at Lower Ngau Tau Kok and Cross District Community Cultural Centre, etc, giving Kwun Tong a new outlook and providing a more comfortable environment for residents.

    Committees (Kwun Tong District)

  • District Fight Crime Committee (Kwun Tong District)
  • District Fire Safety Committee (Kwun Tong District)

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    E-mail Address :
    Telephone No. : (852) 2171 7433
    Fax No. : (852) 2797 8521
    Postal Address : 21/F, Millennium City 6, 392 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon