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Welcome Message from Wesley LAI, District Officer (Acting) (Tsuen Wan)

Welcome to the homepage of the Tsuen Wan District Office.

Tsuen Wan is a district where tradition and modernity intertwine. In recent years, the development of grand residential buildings and commercial towers, as well as large-scale infrastructure like the Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge have given Tsuen Wan a facelift. On the other hand, the decades long Yuen Yuen Institute, Western Monastery and Sam Tung Uk Museum are still much treasured by believers and sightseers. Food lovers also maintain frequent visits to the gourmet restaurants in Sham Tseng and the town centre, as well as the countryside teahouses in Chuen Lung. The new developments blend well with the traditional attractions in Tsuen Wan, making it a unique and interesting district.

Tsuen Wan is noted as a harmonious district. The Tsuen Wan District Office spares no effort in serving Tsuen Wan, making it a quality place for living and working. We consult the residents on the policies and services of the Government, and reflect their views to the Administration. We also motivate and support local organisations in participating in community affairs, and in organising different activities.

The sixth term of Tsuen Wan District Council comes into operation on 1 January 2020. The District Council will also participate in the management of various district facilities. We will continue to work closely with the Tsuen Wan District Council to embark on a number of community involvement programmes and environmental improvement projects, with a view to improving the environment of the district, increasing the sense of belonging of the residents as well as fostering greater harmony in Tsuen Wan.

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    Organization Chart (Tsuen Wan District Office)

    • Wesley LAI
      District Officer (Acting)

      • Wesley LAI
        Assistant District Officer

      • Ms Winnie TAM
        Senior Liaison Officer(1)

      • Ms Winnie LEE
        Senior Liaison Officer(2)

      • Denis KWONG
        Senior Executive Officer (District Management)

      • Miss Daisy LAM
        Senior Executive Officer (District Council)

      • CHAN Sai-hung
        Senior Inspector of Works

    Profile (Tsuen Wan District)

    Tsuen Wan is located in the south western part of the New Territories. It covers an area of about 6,000 hectares. As the first new town developed in Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan was an industrial centre in the early days. With rapid development over the years, it has evolved into a commercial, residential and tourist area.

    Tsuen Wan has a population of around 320,000. The majority of the population live in private housing, with around 70,000 people living in the public housing estates and subsidised housing in the district, namely Lei Muk Shue Estate, Cheung Shan Estate, Shek Wai Kok Estate, Fuk Loi Estate, Clague Garden Estate, Moon Lok Dai Ha and Bo Shek Mansion.

    Situated between Kowloon and the New Territories, Tsuen Wan serves as a major link between the western part of the New Territories/Lantau and the urban area, and is the gateway to the airport. Its sound transportation network, with its numerous scenic spots and a full range of community facilities, has made it attractive to residents and visitors alike.

    Committees (Tsuen Wan District)

  • District Fight Crime Committee (Tsuen Wan District)
  • District Fire Safety Committee (Tsuen Wan District)

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    E-mail Address :
    Telephone No. : (852) 2492 5096
    Fax No. : (852) 2412 0244
        (852) 2411 0341
    Postal Address : 1/F, Tsuen Wan Multi-storey Carpark Building, 174-208 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, NT