The Committee on the Promotion of Racial Harmony

Appointed by the Secretary for Home Affairs


Deputy Director of Home Affairs (2)

Non-official members

Mr Mohamed Ibramsa Sikkander Batcha, MH
Ms Ping Somporn Bevan
Ms Mimi Cheung Yee-may
Dr Theresa Cunanan
Mr Syed Ekram Elahi
Ms Rita Gurung
Mr Vijay Harilela
Mr Avinash Chandiram Hotchandani
Mr Derek Hung Chiu-wah
Mr Akil Khan
Ms Vivian Kong Man-wai
Mrs Poonam Vijayprakash Mehta
Ms Lamia Sreya Rahman
Ms Rigam Rai
Dr Chura Bahadur Thapa
Ms Yvonne Tsui Hang-on
Mr Wong Ka-chun
Mr Matthew Wong Man-ho

Official Members

Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs or his representative
Secretary for Education or his representative
Commissioner for Labour or his representative
Director of Information Services or his representative

Secretary: Senior Executive Officer (Race Relations Unit)

Terms of reference:

(a) To formulate proposals for promotion of racial harmony, including provision of support services to ethnic minorities and race related public education and publicity. Such proposals should include advice on the practicalities of budget and implementation;
(b) To liaise with and assist Government departments and community organizations to promote racial harmony and equality; and
(c) To encourage all sectors of the community, particularly the ethnic minorities, actively to promote awareness of the issues entailed.

Description of the job: -

The Committee has initiated a range of support services, including the cross-cultural learning youth programme, radio programmes in minority languages and Community Support Teams.

Enquiry: 2835 1458

Committee Meeting

Meetings of the Committee on the Promotion of Racial Harmony

7 March 2019 Agenda (DOC)
24 October 2018 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
13 March 2018 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
15 September 2017 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
17 February 2017 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
28 June 2016 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
14 January 2016 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
21 July 2015 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
5 December 2014 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
11 July 2014 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
5 December 2013 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
20 June 2013 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
19 October 2012 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
13 December 2011 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
26 May 2011 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
6 December 2010 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
6 July 2010 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
25 February 2010 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
5 November 2009 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
29 April 2009 Agenda (DOC)   Minutes (DOC)
2 October 2008 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
14 May 2008 Agenda (DOC)   Minutes (DOC)
16 November 2007 Agenda (DOC)   Minutes (DOC)
24 April 2007 Agenda (DOC)   Minutes (DOC)
16 January 2007 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
15 September 2006 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
Annex to Minutes (PPT)
10 May 2006 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
17 January 2006 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
19 October 2005 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
20 July 2005 Agenda (DOC) Papers Minutes (DOC)
Annex to Minutes (PDF)
31 March 2005 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
15 December 2004 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
22 September 2004 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)
19 July 2004 Agenda (DOC) Minutes (DOC)

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