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Important Note

We remind you to stay vigilant to fraudulent phone calls and correspondence claiming to be from our office. We will not normally make calls to members of the public through the hotline. We will not make phone calls or write to members of the public to ask them to provide personal information or make any payment. As our hotline is operated by a central telephone system, the hotline number 2835 2500 will not be displayed. If you have any doubt, please contact our staff for verification or please call the Hong Kong Police Anti-Deception Coordination Centre 24-hour Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 for enquiry. For details, please browse the following press releases –

Press release dated 8 October 2019

Press release dated 26 July 2019

Press release dated 28 April 2017

Press release dated 5 April 2017

About Us



Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance communication between the Government and the people and to enhance the efficacy of district governance. We are committed to maintaining Hong Kong as a vibrant, caring and harmonious community. We shall continue to build on our close ties with all sectors of the community and care for the people’s needs, facilitating the administration of Hong Kong in line with changing circumstances.

Our Principles

We are guided by the following principles:

  • Sensitivity to local needs and aspirations is one of the cornerstones for the effective administration of Hong Kong.
  • Public participation in community affairs is the key to promoting district governance.
  • District Councils are an integral part of district governance and play a vital role in promoting the well-being of the community.

Our Main Tasks

To achieve our mission, we :

  • enhance channels of communication between the Government and the public; explain the Government's aims, policies and services to the community; collect, assess and reflect the community's views and aspirations to the Government so that timely and appropriate responses can be made;
  • co-ordinate, through District Management Committees, the delivery of Government services and implementation of public projects at district level;
  • serve the community better through the work of District Councils and “Care Teams”;
  • foster community spirit in neighbourhoods through encouraging public participation in community building activities;
  • assist in alerting residents and providing temporary shelters, as well as coordinating relief services in emergency situations and during or after natural disasters;
  • monitor and assess the provision of Government support services for new arrivals from the Mainland and ethnic minorities to enable them to integrate into the local community as quickly as possible;
  • implement minor local works projects and building management initiatives to improve our living environment; ensure that safety standards in hotels, guesthouses, clubhouses, bedspace apartments and karaoke establishments are maintained; and issue the licence of amusement game centres, amusements with prizes, public dance halls, lotteries, mahjong / tin kau parlours, tombolas and trade promotion competitions; and
  • provide support services for estate beneficiaries.

Ensuring Service Standards

Service Environment

HAD is committed to providing an efficient and courteous service in a clean and business-like environment.

Monitoring Performance

The Director of Home Affairs will monitor performance against targets.

The Public's Role and Right of Appeal

We welcome any comments or suggestions on the way in which these services are delivered. There might be occasions when, despite our best efforts, we are unable to meet the targets pledged. In such cases, you have a right to a full and prompt explanation. If you would like to have such an explanation, please

  • ask to see the Officer-in-Charge; or
  • write to the District Officer concerned.

Straightforward oral complaints will be handled on the spot. For complicated and written complaints, we will give at least an interim reply within 10 days.

If you still feel that your complaint has not been dealt with adequately, you may address to the Director of Home Affairs -

  • in writing to Home Affairs Department, 29/F Southorn Centre,130 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong;
  • by fax at 2834 7649; or
  • by e-mail

Where to Go for Further Information

Staff of the Telephone Enquiry Centre (Tel: 2835 2500) and Home Affairs Enquiry Centres throughout the territory will be pleased to provide further information on the services delivered by the Department.

You may also visit our Homepage at for more information about the Department.