The department implements minor works programmes in districts. These include the Rural Public Works (RPW) programme introduced in 1999 and the District Minor Works (DMW) programme set up in 2007. The RPW programme aims to upgrade the infrastructure and improve the living environment of the rural community. The DMW programme targets at improving local facilities, living environment and hygiene conditions in the territory. Examples of projects include provision of recreational and leisure facilities. The cost of each project under the above programmes would not exceed $30 million.

The main features of the RPW and DMW programmes are as follows -

RPW Programme

  • The programme is overseen by a two-tier administrative system i.e. projects have to be endorsed by the respective District Working Group and the Steering Committee of the programme;

  • The provision for RPW programme in 2018-19 is $140 million.

DMW Programme

  • DMW Programme is funded under a dedicated block vote for District Councils to initiate and endorse minor works in districts, particularly those district facilities of which the management involves District Councils;

  • The provision for DMW programme in 2018-19 is $340 million.

Please click here for photos of some of the completed projects.