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We remind you to stay vigilant to fraudulent phone calls and correspondence claiming to be from our office. We will not normally make calls to members of the public through the hotline. We will not make phone calls or write to members of the public to ask them to provide personal information or make any payment. As our hotline is operated by a central telephone system, the hotline number 2835 2500 will not be displayed. If you have any doubt, please contact our staff for verification or please call the Hong Kong Police Anti-Deception Coordination Centre 24-hour Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 for enquiry. For details, please browse the following press releases –

Press release dated 8 October 2019

Press release dated 26 July 2019

Press release dated 28 April 2017

Press release dated 5 April 2017

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Welcome Message

Mrs. CHEUNG CHIU Hoi Yue, Alice, JP

Welcome to the Home Page of the Home Affairs Department (HAD).

HAD is committed to promoting district governance, enhancing the communication between the Government and the people, connecting with and caring for the people, and building a harmonious community. We assist in publicising and explaining government policies on one hand, and gauging public opinions and local sentiments on the other. By ensuring effective communication between the Government and the public, the Government will be able to formulate policies and services that better meet the needs of the people as well as enhancing people’s sense of achievement and satisfaction.

District Councils (DCs) play a pivotal role in district governance. 18 District Officers serve as the Chairmen of DCs of their respective districts and work closely with DC members to help the Government gauge public opinions and local sentiments, implement policies and measures, respond to the public aspirations, as well as assist the Government in promoting district cultural, sports and community involvement activities, etc.

District Offices also implement District-led Actions Scheme to address district issues through the joint efforts of relevant government departments and community groups, and carry out minor works projects, signature projects, and community involvement activities, etc., with a view to promoting the well-being of the local communities. The “Care Teams” also provide a wide range of caring services to the people and provide support in time of emergency.

HAD also provides a wide range of services, including the setting up of District Offices and Enquiry Centres in 18 districts, the provision of community hall facilities, the provision of advisory service on building management matters, issue of entertainment licences and licences for guesthouses, etc. In addition, we also promote the development of social enterprises and assist the ethnic minorities and new arrivals to integrate into the community.

HAD’s work hinges on the support of the public and stakeholders. This Home Page introduces the mission and portfolio of our work. To help us in seeking continuous improvement in the quality of our services, we welcome your views and advice.

Mrs. CHEUNG CHIU Hoi Yue, Alice, JP
Director of Home Affairs