"Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme" (the Scheme) is a community participation scheme implemented by the Home Affairs Department (HAD). Launched in September 2006, the Scheme aims at facilitating the public to donate used clothes in support of environmental protection and charities.


Having regard to the concerns raised by the community over the problem of illegal on-street clothes cages, the Government took immediate enforcement action to remove such on-street cages, and introduced the "Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme" to provide legitimate ways for used clothes donation.

Scheme Details

The Scheme is a tripartite partnership among the non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the Government and the District Councils (DCs). Participating NGOs will operate the "Community Used Clothes Recycling Banks" throughout the territory through regular collection of donated used clothes. They are required to ensure that all the collected clothes and revenue generated from them are used for charity purpose. Locations of the "Community Used Clothes Recycling Banks" can be found here.

To enhance the participation of NGOs in the Scheme, HAD conducts open invitation and evaluation exercises on a regular basis for appointing NGOs with good track records in used clothes collection to become Scheme Managers. The current Scheme Managers are Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), Christian Action, Salvation Army and Conservancy Association. The current term of operation lasts for three years, from September 2019 to August 2022. Contact details of the Scheme Managers can be found here.

Responsibilities of the Scheme Managers include:

- Dealing with all matters related to the Scheme, including handling enquiries and complaints;
- Conducting prompt clearance of the banks to maintain environmental hygiene;
- Carrying out timely repair or replacement of the banks;
- Making available no less than 50% of the banks to other interested organisations, apart from operating the banks themselves;
- Monitoring the performances of other participating organisations and provide assistance to them where necessary;
- Following the instructions of the Government on the operation of the Scheme and submitting regular reports; and
- Assuming all risks related to the banks under their management and take out third party insurance with liability coverage of not less than HK$10 million in aggregate.