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District Councils


Article 97 of the Basic Law stipulates that district organisations which are not organs of political power may be established in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, to be consulted by the government of the Region on district administration and other affairs, or to be responsible for providing services in such fields as culture, recreation and environmental sanitation. District Councils are organisations prescribed in Article 97 of the Basic Law.

Please click here to access the District Council Homepage.

Functions of a District Council

The functions of a District Council are:

  1. to be consulted by the Government on the district affairs affecting the livelihood and living environment in the District and well-being of the people in the District;
  2. to collect the views of the people in the District in respect of an issue specified by the Chairman of the District Council, and to submit to the Government a summary of the views collected and the suggested corresponding measures;
  3. to establish a regular communication mechanism with the people in the District, to meet with them and listen to their views regularly;
  4. to support, and assist in, the promotion of laws and Government policies in the District, and assist the Government in carrying out various consultation, publicity and liaison activities, such as district forum;
  5. to assist in the smooth delivery of cultural, recreational, environmental sanitary and other services relating to the interests of the people in the District under the coordination of the Government;
  6. to apply for funding for projects and activities relating to the functions of District Councils such as —
    1. projects and activities for the purpose of promotion of sports, arts and culture;
    2. local events and celebration events; and
    3. greening and volunteer;
  7. to provide services for people in the District, such as consultation and case referral services;
  8. to cooperate with other consultation and service organizations in the District under the coordination of the Government to achieve the best results in serving the people in the District; and
  9. to undertake any other matters as commissioned by the Government from time to time.

Composition of the District Councils

The seventh-term District Councils commenced on 1 January 2024. The District Councils are comprised of 470 seats, including 179 appointed seats, 176 District Committees constituencies seats, 88 District Council geographical constituencies seats and 27 ex officio seats assumed by chairmen of the rural committees in the New Territories.

DC Members’ Reference Corner

Please click here DC Members’ Reference Corner to access the DC Members' Reference Corner.