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Important Note

We remind you to stay vigilant to fraudulent phone calls and correspondence claiming to be from our office. We will not normally make calls to members of the public through the hotline. We will not make phone calls or write to members of the public to ask them to provide personal information or make any payment. As our hotline is operated by a central telephone system, the hotline number 2835 2500 will not be displayed. If you have any doubt, please contact our staff for verification or please call the Hong Kong Police Anti-Deception Coordination Centre 24-hour Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 for enquiry. For details, please browse the following press releases –

Press release dated 8 October 2019

Press release dated 26 July 2019

Press release dated 28 April 2017

Press release dated 5 April 2017

Public Services


Introduction of District Council Secretariat

1. Functions/Roles

The District Council Secretariat provides administrative support and secretarial services to the District Council, its Committees and its Working Groups and to assist the District Council in performing its functions.

2. Services Provided

  • Provide administrative support to the District Council;
  • Prepare minutes of meetings for the District Council, its Committees and Working Groups and follow up on their decisions;
  • Process Members’ remuneration as well as applications of allowances and reimbursement;
  • Process applications for District Council Funds and arrange reimbursements;
  • Process comments, enquiries and complaints raised by the public to the District Council;
  • Assist the District Council in organising activities as well as arranging visits and site inspections;
  • Assist the District Council in implementing the “Meet the Public Scheme”; and
  • Manage the District Council’s website.

3. Contact Information

Please click here to view the contact details of District Council Secretariats at District Council Homepage.