Under the Clubs (Safety of Premises) Ordinance,
" Club" means any corporation or association of persons formed for the purpose of affording its members facilities for social intercourse or recreation and which :-

provides services for its members ( whether or not for the purpose of gain); and

has a club-house of which only its members and their accompanied guests have a right of use;

" Club-house" means any premises or part thereof exclusively set aside for use permanently or temporarily by a club and its members.

Application for a Certificate of Compliance

Any new establishments must apply for a Certificate of Compliance from the Authority before commencing operation.

Certificates of Compliance are subject to an annual renewal. Holder of a Certificate of Compliance should apply for a renewal not less than 3 months prior to the expiry of the Certificate of Compliance.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that his premises do comply with the lease conditions, Deed of Mutual Covenant and other legislation.

Please refer to the Layman's Guide to Application of Certificate of Compliance (PDF), A Guide to Compliance Requirements for the Certificate of Compliance for Club-houses (PDF), Sample Application Form for a Certificate of Compliance (PDF), Sample Layout Plan (PDF) and Common Problems (PDF) for more details.

How to apply

Application forms can be obtained from the Office of the Licensing Authority or downloaded from the Home Affairs Department's website of http://www.had.gov.hk/en/public_forms/forms.html. Completed forms are to be returned to the address as stated on the application forms.

Applications in electronic form

Pursuant to the enactment of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, applications for a Certificate of Compliance/ renewal of a Certificate of Compliance/ transfer of a Certificate of Compliance in electronic form would be accepted by the Authority at the following address with effect from 7 April 2000: hadlaenq@had.gov.hk

Click here to see the general format, manner and procedure for submission of electronic information.

Register of clubhouses issued with Certificate of Compliance

For information on clubhouses issued with certificate of compliance, please visit http://www.hadla.gov.hk/