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Karaoke Establishments


Under the Karaoke Establishments Ordinance,
"karaoke establishment" means, unless being exempted, any place opened, kept, or used for the purpose of karaoke by way of trade or business, whether or not the trade or business is carried on exclusively or in association or connection with any other trade or business activity and whether or not the place is a place to which the public have or are permitted to have access.

Karaoke establishment will not be permitted in an industrial building, in a basement of level 4 or below, or in the upper floors of a single staircase building.

Who is the Licensing Authority? Application for a Permit or Licence?

Depending on where the karaoke establishment is situated, any new establishments must either apply for a permit or a licence before commencing operation.

  1. If a karaoke establishment is situated at a licensed restaurant, the Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene is responsible for the grant of a karaoke establishment permit. Please refer to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department's web site of for details.
  2. If a karaoke establishment is situated at a licensed hotel/guesthouseor a club-house issued with a certificate of compliance, the Secretary for Home Affairs is responsible for the grant of a karaoke establishmentpermit.
  3. If a karaoke establishment is situated at any premises, other than (a) or (b) above, in respect of which a business registration certificate has been issued, the Secretary for Home Affairs is responsible for the issue of a karaoke establishment licence.

The licensing works of the Secretary for Home Affairs are done through the Office of the Licensing Authority of Home Affairs Department.

Validity period of a karaoke establishment permit or licence shall normally be 24 months. If a permit or licence is to be renewed, the permit or licence holder should apply for renewal not less than 90 days prior to the expiry of the permit or licence. A karaoke establishment permit will only be valid so long as the hotel/guesthouse licence or club certificate of compliance in respect of the premises remains valid.

It is also the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the use of the premises complies with the lease conditions, Deed of Mutual Covenant and other legislations.

How to Apply?

Application forms and "Guide to Application" booklet can be obtained from the Office of the Licensing Authority of the Home Affairs Department. The forms can also be downloaded from the website of Home Affairs Department Completed forms, together with the prescribed fees, are to be returned to the address as stated on the application forms. Please refer to the Common Problems for more details.

Applications in electronic form

Pursuant to the enactment of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, applications for new issue / renewal / transfer of a permit or a licence in electronic form would be accepted by the Office of the Licensing Authority at the following address:

Click here to see the general format, manner and procedure for submission of electronic information.