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The Government has been continuing to purse the overall policy objective to facilitate the early integration of new arrivals into the local community. The Government has all along adhered to the principle of fairness in the provision of public services for new arrivals. They are entitled to most of the public services available to other citizens, including a wide range of medical, housing, employment, welfare and education services.

Questionnaire Survey

In addition, the Home Affairs Department has been conducting a questionnaire survey to assess the profile and service needs of new arrivals. Results of the survey have been distributed to relevant Government departments and NGOs in the form of quarterly reports.

Service Handbook

To provide more updated information about relevant services and the general situation of Hong Kong, the Home Affairs Department has published a Service Handbook for New Arrivals since 1996. The Handbook has been updated annually, and the 25th version has also been uploaded onto this homepage.

Activities and Services

District Offices and NGOs have long been providing various activities and services for new arrivals. To encourage more people to participate in these events, the latest information has been uploaded onto this website.